How It Works

The PepTown mobile app provides fans with live scores, rosters, schedules, photos, and more, contributed by anyone in the community who wants to support the team. The information is then sponsored by local businesses and individuals, who provide messages that appear alongside the content. Business sponsors show their support while gaining visibility within the community, and personal sponsors get to "shout-out" to their family and friends. Sponsors pay any amount they want. Messages are shown in rotation, each getting time in proportion to the amount paid.


Fans follow their team with up-to-date information including rosters, schedule, team photos, etc., as well as live score updates. Fans see who is supporting their team through messages inside the app, and they can login at any time to contribute content, or to become sponsors themselves.



Local businesses (insurance, auto, restaurants, etc) and individuals (grandparents, neighbors, friends, etc) show their support for school athletics by sponsoring messages in the app. The larger the donation, the more often the message is shown.



Boosters help contribute team information and promote the PepTown app within the community, then sit back as money starts flowing into the school. No more fundraisers to manage, no more candy bars or t-shirts or cookie dough to distribute.



Money flows to the school and team on a monthly basis from PepTown as soon as the first sponsors appear in the app. 90% of all donations go to the school, compared to only 40% to 60% for traditional fundraisers.

A Better Way to do Fundraising


More Money

Most fundraisers take 40% to 60% of the money and the school ends up with very little. PepTown passes 90% of all funds to the school, keeping only 10% to cover transaction fees and service costs.


No Stuff

Boosters don't have to worry about receiving, organizing, and distributing items like candy and nuts, and sponsors don't have to worry about buying a bunch of stuff they don't want.



Sponsor messages appear instantly within the app, so anyone at a game, for example, can become a sponsor and their message will immediately be visible to everyone at the game.



The entire fundraising experience takes place within the free PepTown mobile app. Sponsors sign up, provide their messages, and enter their donations directly from their smartphones.


Save Time

Fundraising with PepTown takes only a fraction of the time that athletic boosters, parents, and students normally spend on fundraising activities. No more going door to door.


Team Spirit

PepTown fosters a greater sense of team spirit within the community as sponsors, such as local businesses, display their messages to the community and patrons they serve.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost?

Nothing. The PepTown mobile app is free. No one, including the school, parents, players, etc, pays to use PepTown. Simply download the app, begin adding information about your school and team, and as sponsors begin to sign up, 90% of all donations will be sent to your school.


Who enters the information?

Anyone. Well, anyone who logs in. School, team, and event information is entered and kept up-to-date by the community. Anyone can login using their Facebook credentials to add or modify information, report on games, etc. (Login is not required to simply view information) School administrators are not burdened with the task of having to keep information current.


How is the data moderated?

Like other crowd-sourced platforms, PepTown is moderated by the community. Incorrect or inappropriate information can be edited and corrected, or simply flagged by users and PepTown will address the issue. Every change is logged by PepTown and full change history is available for viewing.


Who can be a sponsor?

Anyone. The PepTown mobile app has separate sponsorship message areas for business and personal sponsors. All sponsors choose to sponsor a team or a specific event. Sponsors create their messages within the app, enter payment information, and the messages begin to appear immediately. The more a sponsor gives, the more their message appears.


What about our printed program?

Many schools use traditional printed sports programs for fundraising. PepTown is like a real-time, digital version of a printed program, where personal and business sponsor messages (ads) appear alongside team information, right on your smart phone.


How does it compare to other apps?

Sometimes we hear "Our school already uses an app" (such as GameChanger, MaxPreps, 8to18, or ScoreStream). While PepTown does provide team info such as schedules, rosters, and game results, like those other apps, the primary focus of PepTown is fundraising.

Business And Personal Sponsors

PepTown provides opportunities for both business and personal sponsors within the community. Businesses show their support for teams while also reaching their patrons with customized messages and business information. Individuals "shout-out" to their favorite athletes and can directly link their messages to athletes' student pages. PepTown supports most high school sports, including baseball, basketball, football, soccer, softball, volleyball, track, wrestling, and more.

Helpful Resources

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Better Than Print

Six reasons why your printed athletic program should be replaced with a digital version on your smartphone.

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